Why you should have a concealed carry license:


To protect yourself and your family

Become a more aware citizen:

Carrying a concealed gun means that you are committed to being an active participant in society, and are continuously more aware of your surroundings

Because it just makes sense:

Legally carry your handgun with you. It's better to be able to legally carry your firearm at all times, than to not have it when you need it most

We offer an EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE to assist you in obtaining your Arkansas Concealed Carry license.

Classes are SEVEN DAYS A WEEK – Days and Evenings!

Requirements necessary to obtain a Concealed Carry Permit:
  • Must be a United States citizen OR Hold a valid Permanent Resident card.
  • Must be lawfully present in the United States.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Not under indictment or convicted of a felony in the U.S. or elsewhere.
  • Not convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence.
  • Not under court order (i.e. order of protection, harassment, etc.)
  • Not a fugitive from justice.
  • Not a user of, or addicted to, any controlled substance.
  • Not been dishonorably discharged from the Armed Forces.
  • Have never renounced U.S. citizenship.
  • Do not suffer from mental illness and have not been adjudicated mentally incompetent or committed to a mental institution.
You must also complete this course, which is approved by the State Police.

The course time can vary in length depending on group size. Our courses are held at the THOR Global Defense Group corporate HQ. Start times vary depending on the date you choose to attend. The classrooms are air-conditioned for your comfort. Qualification at our facility requires you to participate the firing of a handgun at our range.

Arkansas Concealed Carry Permits are valid for Five (5) Years.

Topics covered in the course:
  • Firearms Safety.
  • Different Types of Handguns.
  • Selection of Handguns, Holsters and Accessories.
  • Concealment Techniques.
  • Ballistics and Ammunition Selection.
  • Firearms Laws.
  • Judgmental Shooting Situations.
  • Combat Triad – Mindset, Marksmanship and Gun handling.
  • Contact with Law Enforcement.
  • Laws associated with the use of Deadly Force.
  • Non-Lethal Force Options.
  • Safe Care and Storage of Handguns.
  • Range Safety and Qualification.
  • Fundamentals of Pistol Marksmanship.
  • THOR can provide you with a semi-automatic pistol as long as you request a rental pistol at the time of registration.
What am I required to bring to class?

  • Pen (black ink only) and note taking materials
  • Your handgun (unloaded, in a case or holster)
  • Factory target ammunition
  • Eye and ear protection can be provided by THOR at no additional charge.
  • Valid State Drivers license or ID card


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*Cost of course includes FREE FIRING RANGE MEMBERSHIP