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EDM ARMS M96 .50BMG W/ .375CT Conversion

$10,999.00 $11,500.00

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WE have just received an EDM ARMS M96 .50BMG with .375ct conversion it ships standard in a custom cut hard case with wheels. the .375 conversion takes only a few seconds to switch from .50bmg to .375ct. separate bolt with M375 bolt head included , 1 magazine, monopod, and M60 style Bipod You will receive a certificate for the Scope of your choice at dealer cost. You can either save the certificate or use it at the time of purchase as it does not expire The M96 is also known as the “Windrunner”. And is one of the most accurate .50bmg sniper rifles on the market The .50bmg cartridge has been around for years and it is very cheap to shoot and easy to find ammunition. The .375ct is a fairly new cartridge and is known for extreme long range accuracy. We also offer custom paint jobs for the military if you would like it finished before shipping, please let us know. new in box ready to ship , case included at this price, a $450.00 value. Shipping and Handling will be $110.00 Due to Weight and value. Not included in Buy it Now Price.

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Manufacturer No
Barrel Length n/a
Caliber .50BMG
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Rate of fire, rds. / Min. n/a
Muzzle velocity, m / s n/a
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